Welcome to my little personal corner of the fantastic web!!I want to use this place as like some thinking/personal/sharing place where ill just share my thoughts and feelings and interests! and hopefully befriend pepole as well!
Life is to learn and exsperience and exsrpess and love after all.
I will slowly but gradually update this site..,;)

holy shait ive got so many diverse thingies i wanna add and its overhwemning lol..
  • make Gifs and add blinkies etc
  • Put pics of my collections (guitars)
  • make some kind of system (lol). like i do really want to ad a whoooole lots of stuff here!
  • create a blog
  • Aphorisms/philosophy-space
  • start on the "lovables"- page
  • dont forget to update the other pages as well!...
  • Ever wondered how the world is for someone else? Ever dared to put yourself in their shoes hmm?Perhaps you should, close your eyes, imagine the person, imagine the world trough that persons eyes.
  • dont you think its a really stupid thing to beleve that since you changed as a person, got new interests and everything that it dorsnt mean that your friend wont like you oe rwant to be with you. no, is that you deliberetly show that the only thing that connected you were the common interests and not heart, its so icky, so selfish, so unconsiderate, so bland
  • Go away from other pepole, sometimes praising of authenticity is mediocricy in itself. i want to imagine more..